Gas Fired Furnace

     The Company’s gas fired furnace is located at Banbung, Chonburi Province.
Situated within easy distance 
of Laem Chabang, Borwin Industrial Estate, Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, and Bangpakong Industrial Estate, 
the furnace is in an ideal position to service our customers’ heat treatment requirement.


Measured at 15 meters x 5 meters x 5 meters, with this particular design the furnace can be extended 
over 17 meters long.

Combustion units        : 2 x 8 million BTU. high velocity burners.

Temperature                 : The furnace is capable of attaining and sustaining a temperature of 1066 C.

Service capacity        : The furnace is capable of heat treating a weight factor up to 40 tons on each firing, or
                                       about 240 tons a week.



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